Become A Member

Become A Member

Be Part of PINTAR Foundation

PINTAR Foundation welcomes corporates registered in Malaysia to become its members.

Benefits of Becoming a PINTAR Member

  • The PINTAR Programme provides members with a credible, ready-made platform for the members' Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives in the area of education and human capital development
  • A member has the opportunity to leverage on the Foundation’s facilities and services in relation to adoption of schools and school programmes
  • A member's adopted school/s will have the opportunity to participate in PINTAR National Programmes
  • Members will be recognised as PINTAR members in various communication channels
  • All contributions to PINTAR Foundation and its National Programmes are tax-exempted

Membership Criteria

  1. Members must be registered legal entities of good standing and reputation
  2. PINTAR Foundation members must be willing and able to contribute to the work of the Foundation
  3. Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of PINTAR Foundation

Members' Obligation

  1. Member companies must be aligned with PINTAR Foundation’s vision and mission
  2. Member companies must participate in the PINTAR School adoption programme by adopting at least one school over a period of three years
  3. Member companies must execute their own programmes at their adopted schools based on PINTAR’s strategic direction, its four core modules and in accordance with the needs of the school
  4. Members must monitor, evaluate and report on the progress of their adopted schools to PINTAR Foundation twice a year
  5. Members must contribute to the development and implementation of PINTAR programmes and are encouraged to share their expertise and experience with other members of PINTAR Foundation
  6. Members are encouraged to support and participate in PINTAR National and fundraising programmes

Looking forward to making a difference in the lives of our future generation?

Join us now by becoming a PINTAR Member and bring about positive change to the children from the underserved communities.

Please contact us at 03 - 2268 0000 or drop us an email through the 'Contact Us' form and we will be glad to make an appointment with you. Lets empower the children of these underserved communities with quality education that paves the way for a brighter and better tomorrow.

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