National Programmes - Corporate Sponsorship

PINTAR Foundation welcomes corporate organisations interested in sponsoring PINTAR’s National Programmes

PINTAR National Programmes are national-scale programmes designed, managed, monitored and funded by PINTAR Foundation. These programmes are implemented across all PINTAR schools and offers varying themes based on the three key tenets of ‘Promoting Intelligence’, ‘Nurturing Talent’ and ‘Advocating Responsibility’.

The PINTAR National Programmes are designed to provide holistic education to develop a well-rounded, responsible and successful individual in the future. By sponsoring a National Programme, your organization is contributing towards transforming lives and building brighter futures for the underserved students.

Working with PINTAR Foundation can help your company meet its marketing, PR and CSR objectives. National programmes are accompanied by substantial public awareness campaigns, and sponsors will be well represented in all our communication channels and collaterals. We work closely with sponsors to ensure that marketing and communication opportunities are maximised.

To explore ways in which your company may partner with PINTAR Foundation, please contact us at 03 2268 0000 or drop us your enquiry. For more info on the PINTAR’s National Programmes, please visit our National Programme site.

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