27th PINTAR Roundtable Meeting

Twenty-four representatives from 18 PINTAR member companies converged in Kuala Lumpur for the 27th PINTAR Members’ Roundtable, where they were updated, among others, on the overall performance and 2016 UPSR and PT3 results of PINTAR schools; members and partners’ year-end reports, as well as PINTAR National Programmes and new Initiatives for 2017.

PINTAR also invited two officers from the Ministry of Education (MOE) who shared with members on some MOE updates. MOE Education Performance and Delivery Unit (PADU) System Structure Executive Director, Dr Noorliza Haji Zakwan, talked about ‘Public Private Partnership (PPP) Strategic Planning in Education: From Inception to Execution’ and touched on the conceptual PPP framework in education, its ecosystem, the key challenges of PPP in Malaysia and proposed strategic solutions to meet those challenges. While, PADU Teachers and School Leaders or Student Learning Executive Director, Dr Azwan Abd Aziz, gave insights into the school evaluation instrument using SKPM G2 system.

Organised biannually, the Roundtable allows PINTAR members and partners to network, exchange ideas and be kept abreast on current issues that can help them improve their programmes for PINTAR schools and influence students’ outcomes.