Aflateen Financial Literacy programme

In the first six month of last year alone, almost 2,500 youths between the ages of  25 and 34 were declared bankrupt. In order to inculcate good ringgit sense from a young age, PINTAR Foundation has partnered with The Asia Foundation to bring a bespoke Financial Letracy programme for PINTAR Secondary School students.

 On 19 Mar 2015, we introduced a brand new programme for PINTAR secondary schools. The Aflateen Financial Literacy programme is targeted for students between the ages of 15 to 17. The Foundation has partnered with Asia Foundation in this initiative, which focused on providing training for PINTAR teachers who will in turn cascade it back to their schools. This first activity involved 28 teachers from 10 PINTAR schools.

Specially designed to inspire and empower youth to lead responsible lives and to become agents of change, the Aflateen programme was incepted as a PINTAR national programme following the high incidence of youths in Malaysia who have been declared bankrupt. The PINTAR Aflateen Financial Literacy Programme is expected to impact at least 500 students.