Aflateen School Project Competition 2015

Students from eight PINTAR secondary schools took part in the inaugural Aflateen School Project Competition 2015 to see how well they fare in planning, budgeting, saving and spending responsibly. 

They are part of the Aflateen Financial Literacy Programme, introduced to PINTAR students aged between 15-17 years in 2015, which provides them with an opportunity to learn about life skills and financial education. The programme also promotes a holistic approach to savings and encourages the development of a saving habit.  PINTAR working alongside Asia Foundation provided training for the teachers who, in turn, cascaded the knowledge and information received to their students to inspire, and empower them to lead responsible lives and become agents  of change.

Ten projects have been submitted to the competition and are currently being evaluated by Asia Foundation and its partner JP Morgan Chase Foundation. The competition results and winners will be announced in March 2016, in conjunction with the International Aflateen Day.