Arena of Youth : MyCity 2050 Competition

Eight PINTAR secondary schools were given the golden opportunity to take part in the inaugural My City 2050 (MC2050) Competition, one of two competitions in the Arena of Youth Programme launched by the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB) in conjunction with its 20th anniversary celebration in 2015.

MC2050, opened to secondary students aged between 15-17 years old, is a construction-related youth empowerment competition aimed at cultivating the next generations of builders, while the second competition, Rebuild It Green, is opened to university students aged between 23-25 years old, and challenges them to develop solutions to mitigate the impact of natural disasters in urban regions. Both competitions will run concurrently until April 2016.  

The competition will see PINTAR schools competing with international schools in developing a vision of a city in 2050. “I am happy that we are able to contribute towards the Arena of Youth’s MC2050, a town-planning competition that was conceived as a means to develop the next generation of builders,’ said PINTAR Chief Executive Officer, Puan Karimah Tan Abdullah.

“I believe the MC2050 is the start of a brilliant partnership between PINTAR Foundation and CIDB Malaysia, and marks an important step in the Foundation’s continuing efforts to provide opportunities to stimulate the imagination of our students in order to inspire and motive them to derive maximum benefits from the activities organised for this competition,” she added. 

 The Arena of Youth was conceived to act as a catalyst for social reform in order to facilitate change and address the challenges of a developing nation.