Basic Coding Workshop : Introduction to Coding Programme

On 28 May, a pilot run for a basic coding workshop for students was conducted at SK Petaling (1) in Kuala Lumpur. 
Among the objectives for the pilot run were to create awareness about coding programme for PINTAR students, and to gauge the level of readiness of PINTAR schools in accepting such programme in the future especially in meeting the challenges of 21st Century learning skills. 

Nineteen students and four teachers attended the workshop assisted by instructors from The Next Academy. The purpose of this workshop is to provide students with an introductory knowledge skill for them to apply basic programming skills for websites or mobile application. 

Among the activities the students underwent were how to align a series of instruction to move an object; how to draw and decorate a square by using basic coding instruction, and how to create a coding instruction using  plastic cups based on a diagramn given by the instructor.  

The Basic Coding Workshop is one of the proposed programmes under the theme of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which may be listed in the PINTAR National Programmes.