Danajamin100 Batch 2 - Career Camp

In the final leg of the Danajamin100 Batch 2 programme, the participants attended a three-day career camp that focused on competencies related to interpersonal communication, public speaking and personal development. At the camp held in Selangor from 20-24 February, they were exposed to the challenges of the 21st century faced by young graduates and how to face such challenges especially when seeking employment. 

The programme modules aimed at developing the students’ own strength and potential to communicate effectively; demonstrate their oral skills in public speaking; build their confidence to express their views and ideas; recognise their own communication strength through profiling and use various avenues of communication. On the final day, they underwent a career aptitude assessment to have a better understanding of career planning and decision making. 

Danajamin100 Batch 2 participants – comprising 30 secondary school students from SMK Chenderiang, Perak; SMKA Baling and SMK Ayer Hangat in Kedah, and SMK Sungai Acheh and SMK Hutchings in Penang – will be graduating in April 2017.