Danajamin100 Leardership Programme Batch 2 Smart Learning Camp

The DJ100 Batch 2 programme is well underway, with 30 secondary students from selected PINTAR schools in the states of Kedah, Penang and Perak.

In this quarter, the students attended a three-day Smart Learning Camp, which was held at the Harvard Suasana Hotel in Kedah from 12-15 March. The programme’s core objectives were for the students to develop more efficient study techniques, improve their reading and writing skills especially in English, and improve their self-confidence level in certain subjects.

The students were taught how to identify their preferred learning styles, manage ti me, and use thinking maps which are graphic organisers that support specific thinking skills and allow them to organise information for better learning.

The DJ100 Batch 2 involved students from SMK Ayer Hangat and SMK Agama Baling in Kedah; SMK Sungai Acheh and SMK Hutchings in Penang, and SMK Chenderiang in Perak.