Danajamin100 Study Excellence Camp Batch 2

The Danajamin100 (DJ100) Batch 2 attended a five-day Study Excellence Camp, aimed at providing examination tips, besides improving their comprehension and reading skills. 

The intensive study camp, held at Sentosa Villa in Perak from 28 May-1 June, has been specially designed to prepare them for the SPM examinations in core SPM subjects, specifically Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry and History.

The students were coached on writing skills, mathematical processes and understanding examination questions in the context of their knowledge. As certain subjects required them to memorise information in order to answer a question correctly, the students were given tips on mnemonics and using acronyms as abbreviations derived from initial components of a phrase or a word to assist them.

It is hoped that the DJ100 Batch 2 – 30 students from five PINTAR schools in Kedah, Penang and Perak – will be more organised in their revision and more confident as they prepare for the examinations.