Danajamin100 Study Excellence Workshop

While the school holidays offered most students in the country temporary reprieve from school work, the participants of the Danajamin100 Leadership programme spent five days and four nights at the RhR Hotel in Uniten, Bangi to attend the Study Excellence Workshop.

The workshop is specially designed to give the students unique insights on how to approach specific subjects while they are studying. The workshop saw teaching experts in the subjects of Science, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and History teach the students key points that they need to pay attention to, and interesting skills that would come in handy whether during their studies, or as general knowledge.

For instance, for the Mathematics workshop, they were taught on how to use the scientific calculator efficiently, whereas in English, they were coached on how to make their essays sound more impressive. The students were also coached on how to answer questions in the new examinations format by the Ministry of Education, which currently places more emphasis on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS or KBAT). But perhaps the real treat for the students were their one-on-one sessions with their mentors who are Danajamin staff volunteers. They were also treated to a session with the CEO himself, En. Mohamed Nazri Omar, who related to the students his own personal experiences while growing up.