Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders Batch 4 (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Between 23 June and 2 August, PINTAR successfully conducted its monitoring and evaluation (M&E)  of schools which participated in the Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders (LPPSL) Batch 4 to measure the effectiveness of the training programme. The M&E enabled the Foundation to gauge how much participants have utilised the knowledge gained in transforming their schools’ daily operations to become more effective and creating a learning environment where students’ performance can be improved.

Based on feedbacks collected, participating school leaders found LPPSL a wonderful platform for them to share and exchange their knowledge, experience and success stories of programmes implemented in their respective schools.  They hope that more guidance will be given in order for them to implement some of modules, which were provided during the LPPSL Batch 4 session, for their 2017  school programme.  

The Foundation found that the modules on academic, leadership and sahsiah provided by LPPSL Batch 4 trainer, a team from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) led by Professor Dr Omar Abdull Kareem of UPSI Faculty of Management and Economic, were utilised by 21 of the 25 schools in their school programmes, testimony of its usefulness. Congratulations to LPPSL Batch 4!