Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders Batch 5 Phase 2

On 6 December, close to 50 school leaders – headmasters, principals and head of subjects (ketua panitia) – from 24 PINTAR schools attended the Phase 2 session of the Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders (LPPSL) in Kuala Lumpur. 

During the session, which was facilitated by a team from RITE Education Consultancy, the group underwent a recap module where they reflected progress against four key indicators, namely SLT as leaders of learning, monitoring practice, teacher development, engaging stakeholders, and practiced their coaching skills. 

Later, each of them presented their respective school’s 2017 Action Plans based on what they have learned in the first phase.

In 2017, PINTAR will be conducting a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) session at all participating schools to measure the effectiveness of LPPSL Batch 5 programme. 

The M&E is important for us to evaluate and gauge how much participants have utilised the knowledge gained in transforming their schools’ daily operations to become more effective; and creating a learning environment where 
students’ performance can be improved.