Members' Retreat 2015

Twenty-four participants from 14 PINTAR Members attended the PINTAR Members’ Retreat 2015 at the Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Johor Bahru from 15-17 November. The retreat was a platform for the Foundation and its members to foster closer working relationship. 

The highlight of the retreat was the discussion session on the sustainability and impact of PINTAR Programme, facilitated by Yayasan Hasanah Senior Vice President, Dr Jasmina Kuka. The discussions were centred around PINTAR Four Core Modules and a standard measure for Monitoring and Evaluation on effectiveness of the various PINTAR Programmes. The Foundation also shared with its Members the results of the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey 2015, conducted in the months of July-August by an external party, AUFA Intelligence, for PINTAR key stakeholders.

Two hundred and seventy respondents from 55 PINTAR schools and 42 respondents from 25 PINTAR members and partners participated in the foundation’s annual survey. 

The survey outcome noted an overall Satisfaction Index Score of 86.5 by the schools and 77.1 by the members; indicating the schools were very satisfied with the members’ programmes while PINTAR members were satisfied with the Foundation and its services. Ninety-eight per cent of the schools perceived that the Four Core Modules conducted had achieved the objective in enhancing the student’s academic performance, while 96% of the members agreed that the PINTAR Core Modules were able to provide holistic education.

On a lighter note, participants had the opportunity to work together in fun-filled team-building activities; visit a Trust School and the Marlborough College Malaysia which gave all an idea of the standards in a local and international school respectively, and tour the Nusajaya township which completed the packed itinerary of the retreat.