PINTAR-UKM Sustainablity & Green Technology iG-Home Module Programme

A total of 75 teachers from 25 PINTAR and non-PINTAR schools in Kedah signed up for the PINTAR-UKM Sustainability and Green Technology Through iG-Home Module (iG-HOME) Programme, a STEM sustainable education programme through green and renewable energy innovation technology with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

On 19-20 May, the teachers attended a training session in UKM Bangi where they learned how to use the iG-Home modules which would be used to teach students at their respective schools. 

The one-year programme is aimed at exposing lower secondary students, together with the students’ families and local communities involved, to be aware of environmental friendly and sustainable production and consumption practices and living through the given concepts. 

The students are expected to be actively engaged in hands-on activities, besides in-depth discussions on current environment and sustainability issues and implementation of programmes and activities through green innovation technology. 

At the end of the one year, the schools are expected to submit one main project for the interschool competition organised by PINTAR and UKM.