PINTAR 25th Members' Roundtable Meeting

On February 16 , 32 representatives from 17 companies, converged at Ramada Plaza Kuala Lumpur to share information and experience as well to network with each other for the 25th PINTAR Members’ Roundtable 2016

During the Roundtable, PINTAR shared with its members and partners on the Members’ 2015 Report, and the latest updates on PINTAR programmes and activities. The bi-annual Roundtable organised by the foundation allows PINTAR members and partners the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and experience, and discuss on issues that would lead to better programmes for PINTAR schools and influence student outcomes.

During the Roundtable, PINTAR has delivered an updates on the Performance of PINTAR Schools for UPSR & PT3 2015, the year-end reports from members and partners, plus PINTAR plans for year 2016.

The meeting continues with the presentation by Ms. Tan Mei Ling from PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) about Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) aligned with Malaysia Education Blueprint aims to codify the best practices of schools  leaders and scale up to all schools via sharing, learning and support.

Towards the end of the Roundtable, UEM Sunrise had the opportunity to share with all other members on their CSR approach towards PINTAR schools and how they able to strategies and execute the programme accordingly. UEM Sunrise is one of the most active member of PINTAR last year conducting several programmes for their adopted schools.