PINTAR Action Song Programme Workshop

One hundred and thirty-nine teachers from 85 primary schools including 23 non-PINTAR schools attended workshops under the PINTAR Action Song Programme (PASP) − a Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) in English. 

The program is a collaboration between PINTAR and the Performance Management & Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) under the Prime Minister’s Department, coupled with the Education Performance and Delivery Unit (PADU) under the Ministry of Education (MOE), where a total of 94 schools are involved in HIP as pilot schools.

Four regional workshops − Central, Northern, Southern and East Malaysia − were held for teachers to increase their capability and capacity through best practices learnt so as to help them develop confidence and familiarity with the English language among their students and provide a platform for learning in a fun and enjoyable manner. 

The programme comprises training of teachers in Action Song components and culminates in the PINTAR Action Song Competition in 2017, aimed at providing a platform for PINTAR students to improve their English proficiency by creating an English learning environment that that is both fun and engaging.  

PINTAR hopes that through this programme, the English language proficiency among PINTAR schools will be improved, besides having positive impact on participating students’ confidence and self-development beyond the language proficiency.