PINTAR Core Module for Teachers (PCT) Module 1

Over the last few months, PINTAR Foundation has been working with a consultant to develop the PINTAR Core Module for Teachers (PCT). 

This is an initiative by the Foundation to set a common standard for PINTAR schools to ensure the impact of the PINTAR Programme is more even and effective across the schools adopted by different members.

This project addresses PINTAR Core Module 3: Capacity & Capability Building for School Leaders and Teachers, and will include not just the development of modules for teachers, but also train the trainer (TOT) workshop, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) process as well  as Impact Assessment tool. 

Developed in line with the MOE’s requirement for 21st century learning in schools, the trainings conducted were to improve problem solving and critical thinking among PINTAR teachers & students; collaborative learning among students in the classroom; metacognition (awareness of own learning and thinking next steps) through self and peer assessment, and enhance communication, behaviour and social skills among students.

A pilot run for the PCT Module on 21st Century Learning was conducted at SK Batu 38 earlier this year. It is expected that PINTAR Members will adopt these PCT modules for their schools once the pilot has been successfully completed.