UEM ELP Drama Competition for PINTAR Schools

PINTAR Foundation concludes its English Drama Programme with national Competition for PINTAR Schools for 200 students


The winning team, made up of six school from Perak, received a grand prize of RM3,000.

PINTAR Foundation held an English Drama Competition Finals for PINTAR Schools which involved 200 students from 16 schools. The drama competition is part of the Foundation’s English Literacy Programme sponsored by UEM Group.  

NorZahidah Binti Othman from SK Setapak takes home the prize for the Best Actress

The ELP is fully funded by UEM Group Berhad, and is managed, co-ordinated and monitored by PINTAR Foundation. The British Council, noted for its expertise in managing and delivering educational projects in diverse communities, was appointed as the Programme Partner to design and deliver the teacher development programme over three years.

The drama competition saw the 16 schools collaborating to form five teams to perform their interpretation of theatre classics, such as Cinderella, Si Tanggang and Sang Kancil and Buaya. The five teams were made up of schools from the states of Perak, Perlis, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. The team from Perak won the 1st prize, and took home RM3,000, while the second and third placing went to Kuala Lumpur and Perlis respectively. Selangor and the Melaka-Negeri Sembilan teams took home consolation prizes.  

Hazig Dani Mohd. Redzuan from SK Polis Depot takes home Best Actor title 

The drama programme began in September 2014, where PINTAR Foundation ran a total of eight training sessions for the schools to coach them on how to write scripts, handle lighting, make props, and how to deliver their monologues better. The main goal of the drama programme was to improve the students’ understanding of the English language in a fun and interactive way, while building their confidence in public speaking.  

The English Literacy Programme (ELP) sponsored by UEM Group focuses on strengthening the teaching and learning of the English language through capacity building/teacher development using a variety of methods which include quality delivery structures; and supportive intervention and community involvement to help enhance and develop students’ reading, writing, understanding and speaking skills in English. Executed in 50 primary schools, the ELP seeks to improve teachers’ ability to teach English in a manner that will help enhance the way students learn the language and ultimately to be able to speak and write in English.