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Exposing kids to STEM

WE need to keep the children’s imagination captivated if we want them to embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

This is how the Pintar Foundation has been trying to draw school students to the sciences with its Pintar Mobile Learning Unit (PLMU).

The blue bus with no passenger seats but full of STEM exhibits is one of two that made a stop in SK Taman Midah 2, Cheras recently during its second launch for the year. This year the theme is “Stemworld”, says Pintar Foundation chairman Tan Sri Arshad Ayub. “We know that Malaysia is moving closer to the realisation of its goal to establish a scientific and innovative society by the year 2020.

“Thus, we are always looking at ways to promote STEM as an approach and a way of thinking for educators to help students integrate knowledge across subjects by incorporating beyond classroom learning. It also encourages them to think in a more logical and holistic way in order to be equipped with 21st century skills.

“I believe that if we all rally together on this, our younger generation will have a strong foundation to be digital citizens and future innovators in a rapidly evolving borderless world.” he says.

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Source from Sunday Star newspaper, 9 July 2017