Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders

The Foundation recognises the school leaders’ critical role in creating the right learning environment while motivating teachers and students. In September 2011, the Foundation embarked on a mission to develop school leaders' capacities and capabilities. This led to the creation of the Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders (LPPSL), in line with PINTAR Core Module 3: Capability and Capacity Building and the MEB’s ‘Shift 5: Ensuring High-performing School Leaders in Every School’.

In the present approach, LPPSL focuses on 21st century leadership structured around the “LOREC” (Layers of Responsibility for Change) model, an adaptation of the Harvard Education Visible Thinking approach. The model ensures that school leadership teams understand their roles as leaders of learning in communicating and implementing a shared vision for 21st century learning through a holistic approach that involves all stakeholders, giving them ownership of the change and at the same time, keeping them accountable for achievement of agreed targets.

In 2016, two batches of school leaders – principals, headmasters and senior teachers – participated in various phases of LPPSL. The fourth batch of 93 school teachers, discipline teachers and counsellors from 25 PINTAR schools completed the final phase of their programme before a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) exercise was held at their schools to measure th effectiveness of the overall programme being implemented. The fifth batch of 46 school leaders – comprising principals, headmasters and head of subjects (ketua panitia) – from 24 schools completed the first two of three phases of the programme using the PCL modules developed by RITE Education Consultancy.