PINTAR BattleBot Challenge

PINTAR BattleBot Challenge (PBBC)

The PINTAR BattleBot Challenge (PBBC) is a robotic competition where students use their creativity and knowledge in Science and Mathematics to design and construct the strongest robot using LEGO technology. The PBBC was first introduced as PINTAR Foundation National Programme in 2010, in line with its key tenet "Promoting Intelligence"

The PBBC was opened to school children aged between 9 to 11 years old and provides opportunities to rural students to learn and use new technology through LEGO, a technology known to help develop children's creativity by block-building activity. Among the aims of the competition is to strengthen students' critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

It allows students to integrate their knowledge of science, mathematics and technology and encourages the mind to explore creative thinking from an early age in a competitive arena.

The programme also helps foster bonds amongst PINTAR schools to enable students to form new friendships within the spirit of friendly competition. The PBBC involves three levels of challenges – School, Zone and National – to claim the title of BattleBot Challenge Champion.

The PBBC came to a close with its finale in 2012. In its final year, PBBC continued to receive overwhelming response from students and teachers alike, and garnered the participation of 120 schools, 3190 students and 232 teachers across PINTAR schools nationwide.