PINTAR Go Green School Programme

PINTAR Go Green School Programme

The PINTAR Go Green School Programme is an environmental awareness programme which aims to inculcate a healthy respect for our environment among the PINTAR school children from a young age and develop a generation that will adopt responsible lifestyles and attitudes towards the conservation of our environment

Developed in line with PINTAR’s key tenet “Advocating Responsibility”, the programme which began in 2012, fosters the ROSE concept (reduce, offset, substitute and enhance) and environmental stewardship in students as part of PINTAR Foundation’s initiative to promote behavioural change and attitude of individuals towards the environment.

Among the objectives of the Green ROSE concept are to promote smart and caring lifestyle, optimize the use of energy and resources, as well as conserve and enhance natural resources and environmental quality.

In partnership with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, the programme draws teachers from PINTAR primary schools from across the country in a workshop that provided training on the ROSE concept and activities to foster understanding. Thereafter, UKM and PF trainers organised workshops at schools for students to reinforce the green message through indoor and outdoor activities as well as theory and practical exercises.

Students learn and understand the impact of climate change, and are encouraged to adapt their behavior through a month-long activity log. The programme also aims to educate how energy efficiency, transport, consumption and waste and alternative energy sources have an impact on climate change.

It also serves to empower young children, their families and their school communities to reduce their energy footprint through multimedia materials, green folios, environmental measurements (temperature, wind, water) and eco-art.

Since its inception, the Go Green School project has involved more than 2,000 students and up to 140 teachers. The Go Green School Project continues to be in the PINTAR National programme stable.