School Preparedness Programme

School Preparedness Programme (SPP)

The PINTAR School Preparedness Programme (SPP), a disaster and risk management programme, is the first national programme implemented by the Foundation back in August 2009. In line with its key tenet "Advocating Responsibility", this programme, in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia, aims to provide a basic understanding on the concept of disaster risk reduction for students and teachers

SPP helps raise awareness of the hazards faced in terms of possible disasters, as well as ways to minimize risks posed by natural disasters that include seasonal floods, earthquakes and landslides.

This programme equips the students with knowledge and skills to reduce the impact of disaster through workshops, in which participants are provided with hands-on training to prepare themselves during emergency situation.

One of the activities is the "School Watching Workshop" which introduces a Community-Based Hazard Mapping tool to help school communities identify hazards and risks in and around their schools, and then to develop solutions that will make their school safer.

PINTAR Foundation had also organised a specially designed two-day training session for teachers as part of its sustainability programme, to empower these teachers to conduct their teaching according to this training in their future classes.

This programme enabled students to get first-hand experience through practical involvement and in turn, made it easier for them to learn and take responsibility for their own safety in the event of an emergency. This one-year programme was completed in November 2010 and has benefited more than 3,300 students in 90 PINTAR schools throughout Malaysia.