Alumni Programme

The PINTAR Alumni Programme is an initiative by PINTAR Foundation to provide continuous support to PINTAR schools that have graduated upon completion of the 3-year adoption period. It is also a platform for graduated PINTAR schools to network and share information and best practices.

Current programmes address the needs of effective school leadership at schools and focus on the development of school leaders by providing support through capacity building to develop a pool of high calibre leaders through its Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders.

Other benefits of the programme are involvement in PINTAR National Programmes such as PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit and Go Green School Programme.

Participation is FREE to PINTAR graduated schools via invitation from PINTAR Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions on PINTAR Alumni Programme

  • 1. What is the PINTAR Alumni School Programme?
    PINTAR Alumni School Programme is an initiative led by PINTAR Foundation (PF) with the purpose of providing continued support towards selected programmes and engagements upon completion of the 3-year adoption period
  • 2. How does graduated PINTAR school benefit by becoming an Alumni member?
    The PINTAR Alumni Programme provides a platform/network for graduated PINTAR schools, and members will have the opportunity to share information and learn best practises from other successful PINTAR schools.
  • 3. How do PINTAR school become a PF Alumni member?
    Expired/expiring school from our database will be invited to join the PF Alumni Programme. Invitation is on a quarterly basis and interested schools will only need to post/email/fax back to us the completed reply form to join.
  • 4. Is the school required to pay a membership fee?
    Registration is free via invitation from PINTAR Foundation and schools will enjoy benefits offered by PF through our PINTAR National Programme.
  • 5. How long is the PF Alumni membership period?
    The PF Alumni membership has no expiry period.
  • 6. Can the school opt out as an Alumni member? Is there any penalty should the school wish to do so?
    Yes, the school can opt out at any time and there is no penalty imposed if the school wish to do so.

For further information on the PINTAR Foundation Alumni Programme, please contact us at 03 - 2268 0000 or email us at

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