• 1. What is PINTAR?

    PINTAR which stands for Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility - is a collaborative social responsibility initiative by PINTAR Foundation, working in collaboration with GLCs and private corporations in Malaysia to foster academic and non-academic excellence particularly for the underserved students nationwide through its school adoption programme.

  • 2. Who is PINTAR Foundation and what does it do?

    PINTAR Foundation was formed in August 2008 to drive and manage the PINTAR School Adoption Programme. It is a not-for-profit organisation registered as a company Limited by Guarantee with an Independent Board of Trustees and professionally managed by an experienced management team. With the support of Corporate Malaysia, PINTAR Foundation is committed to its vision to inspire the young generation to become responsible citizens through holistic education, based on its three key tenets of Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility.

  • 3. Is PINTAR programme similar to PERMATA PINTAR?

    PINTAR programme and PERMATA pintar are two very different programmes. PERMATA pintar advocates the needs of gifted and talented students in developing nations while PINTAR is a school adoption programme which targets to inspire Malaysian students from impoverished families and underserved communities through holistic education.

  • 4. What is the focus of the PINTAR programme?

    PINTAR has drawn up its four (4) core modules as guidelines for all PINTAR programmes implemented at schools: They are:

    • Core Module 1: Motivational and Team Building Programme
    • Core Module 2: Educational Support Programme
    • Core Module 3: Capability and Capacity Building
    • Core Module 4: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Social Issues

  • 5. How can one get involved in the PINTAR Programme?

    You can get involved in the PINTAR Programme by:

    1. Becoming a member and adopting at least one school
    2. Becoming a Sponsor or Donor, contributing cash or in kind to PINTAR Foundation
    3. Being a Volunteer

  • 6. Are there any fees to become a member?

    1. There are two (2) categories of PINTAR Foundation membership which are Premium Member and Ordinary Member. Premium and Ordinary Member have to pay a one-time payment which is RM30,000 and RM10,000 respectively.
    2. PINTAR Members are also required to pay an annual subscription fee of RM3,000.
    3. You can download the PINTAR Marketing Kit at our Download Centre for member’s benefits and rights or you can send your enquiries through the Contact Us site.

  • 7. Does PINTAR Foundation produce any report for its stakeholders?

    PINTAR Foundation produces its Annual Report every year and its Newsletter, PINTAR Voices, every quarter. You can download the Annual Report and Newsletter at our Download Centre.

  • 8. How long is a school adopted under this programme?

    Normally it is a 3-year adoption period but depending on the company and progress made by the school, this adoption period may be extended.

  • 9. Can we contribute goods to the children other than giving money?

    Yes, you can. 

    However, our main focus is to seek funds through sponsorships, fundraising and partnerships, in order to ensure that we have the sufficient funds to implement the National Programmes across all of our PINTAR schools nationwide.

  • 10. Are contributions to PINTAR tax-exempted?

    Yes, they are. PINTAR Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a specially granted tax status by Minister of Finance under Section 34 (6) (h) of Income Tax Act 1967 – approved under community project and your donations, be it cash or in-kind are 100% tax exempted.

  • 11. Is the Ministry of Education (MOE) or State Education Department aware of this programme

    The PINTAR Programme is a credible programme sanctioned by Ministry of Education; and PINTAR Foundation works closely with Ministry of Education and the State Education Departments nationwide. All of our PINTAR programmes are approved by the MOE before we implement them. Upon approval by the MOE, letters are sent to the State Education Departments before we execute any PINTAR programmes at our PINTAR schools.

  • 12. How can our school be part of PINTAR and get adopted under this programme

    There are several criteria that the school must fulfil before they are eligible to be adopted by any of our PINTAR members. The company who is a PINTAR member will be assisted by PINTAR Foundation to conduct an assessment and evaluation of the respective school and its needs. Following this assessment, if the school is deemed suitable for adoption, the school data will then be sent to the respective PINTAR member for their final consideration and decision.

  • 13. What are the criteria for selection?

    The criteria for school selection is based on the overall school’s passing rate of UPSR/PMR/SPM results which is below 65% (schools in bands of lower D & below), located in rural areas and the average family income of its students is below RM1,500 per month.

  • 14. What is PINTAR National Programmes?

    PINTAR National Programmes are national-scale programmes designed, implemented, managed and funded by the PINTAR Foundation. These programmes are executed across all PINTAR schools and infused with varying themes based on the three tenets of ‘Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility’ to promote education through creative, innovative and mentally stimulating methods to motivate students’ learning, help students discover their talents and instil good values.

  • 15. How many students have been involved in the PINTAR Programme?

    PINTAR Programme has involved and impacted the lives of more than 600,000 PINTAR students throughout Malaysia since its launch in Dec 2006.

  • 16. How can PMLU visit our school? Is there any PMLU in East Malaysia?

    1. PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU) is a PINTAR National Programme. It is an interactive education vehicle which goes on tour and visits PINTAR schools throughout the year.
    2. Interested parties wanting PMLU to visit their schools are welcome to submit a letter of request to PINTAR Foundation for our consideration.
    3. Currently, PINTAR has two buses visiting PINTAR schools throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The PMLU is not available in East Malaysia.
    4. We welcome Corporates or individuals who are interested to sponsor a PINTAR bus for this purpose.

  • 17. We are MRSM and Special school. How can we join PINTAR or be involved with its programme?

    PINTAR focuses on schools with low academic achievements which require support to do better and they are mainly from the rural areas.

  • 18. Does PINTAR Foundation accept volunteers?

    PINTAR Foundation is always on the lookout for volunteers to assist us in our daily operations as well as assisting in the implementation of our National Programmes or fundraising activities. Therefore, we welcome applications from potential volunteers. To apply, you can visit our How To Be a Volunteer site for details.