PINTAR Foundation

PINTAR Foundation was established in 2008 to spearhead the PINTAR school adoption programme. The Foundation functions with the mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Malaysian students from the under-served communities

Powered by Corporate Malaysia, the Foundation strives to complement existing ongoing efforts by the Government to provide equitable access to quality education for all and ensuring schools and students receive adequate aid to attain the highest standards of education.

In 2009 the Board of Trustees (BOT), made up of esteemed individuals experienced in academia, corporate and other key Malaysian sectors, was appointed to lead the mission and guide the management team headed by a Programme Director.

The management team’s role is clearly defined and includes the overall management of all PINTAR programmes, communication activities, stakeholder engagement, administration and financial matters, plus marketing and donor management. They also monitor and engage participating companies and organisations that adopt schools and/or provide contributions for the National Programmes, in particular.

This winning formula is coupled with the founding members’ commitment to run customised programmes at adopted schools and to offer direct cash or resource contributions towards the running of the these programmes. The Government supported this initiative and provided a seed fund of RM20 million for PINTAR Foundation to achieve its vision and mission.

With all these crucial elements in place, the Foundation is well-equipped and totally committed to forging ahead to reach out especially to students of under-served communities, regardless of their location and ethnicities - to give them the support they deserve in education.

Since the inception of PINTAR Foundation, many notable programmes have been implemented at PINTAR schools with the objectives of raising awareness on the importance of education and providing educational support for students and teachers. While these advances are significant, there is still a long way to go, with many avenues and opportunities yet to be tapped.

The Foundation welcomes all corporate organisations who share a common vision to improve the educational outcomes of our young generation and who wish to help develop our nation’s human capital to collaborate with us in this noble cause.