Four PINTAR Pillars

The emphasis of PINTAR's programme is to provide a holistic education to develop a well-rounded, responsible and successful individual in the future

This has led to corporations organising programmes and activities for their adopted schools based on these four pillars which include introduction to new technologies, after-school activities, literacy projects, education clinics and motivational talks. These activities aim to raise the educational outcomes of students in under-served communities in terms of knowledge and their social adaptability skills.


Pillar 1: Motivational & Team Building Programme (Leadership)

Career Talks, Motivation camps, Visits, Teambuilding activities.

Pillar 2: Educational Support Programme

Tuition/extra classes for UPSR, PMR & SPM Clinics; Computer classes, remedial classes to enhance the level of literacy and numeracy. Donation of study/learning materials.

Pillar 3: Capability and Capacity Building

Teachers' development, Parental involvement (PTA etc).

Pillar 4: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Social Issues

Environment awareness; Safety; Health & hygiene; Disaster risk management.