PINTAR Schools awarded ‘Cluster School’ Status

Two of PINTAR schools have been awarded with Cluster School Status by our Ministry of Education Malaysia. The awarded schools are SK Kuala Berang, Terengganu sponsored by Tenaga Nasional Berhad and SK Kompleks Abu Bakar, Johor sponsored by UEM Sunrise Berhad

PINTAR School awarded as Cluster Status SchoolCluster school is a brand given to schools identified as being excellent in its cluster from the aspects of school management and student achievement. The creation of cluster schools aims at accelerating school excellence within the Malaysian education system and developing schools that can be emulated by other schools in the same cluster and outside the cluster.

The two schools have shown exemplary results and manage to achieve the two prerequisites such as firstly the schools are classified as at least excellent based on the Malaysian Education Quality Standard and secondly curriculum excellence (primary school) by achieving UPSR school average grade 2 and below. Both schools have an academic achievement (GPS) of less than 2 in a span of three years.

PINTAR School awarded as Cluster Status SchoolCluster schools will have a positive impact on the community in terms of its Co-Curriculum Excellence Programme and Career Programme, while having holistic excellent students in the education system: only 5.8% of 5.2 million students nationwide. Cluster school leavers are accepted into renowned universities abroad and corporate bodies as well as government agencies have the confidence to sponsor the education of the cluster school leavers.

These individuals will be the solid foundation to produce leading agents of change in the community. The 300 schools are recognised internationally (3.1% of 9663 schools) and being used as a standard model for local and foreign schools. The leaders and teachers of the school are the quality leaders (3.1% of 9663 schools) and excellent teachers (6.9% of 350,000 teachers) in Malaysia.

PINTAR Foundation is very proud of this excellent achievement and we hope that all PINTAR Schools will mirror this same progress!

  • To date, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has adopted a total of 39 schools across Malaysia. TNB has worked together with PINTAR Foundation since 2008 and is now a Premium Member.
  • UEM Sunrise Berhad is one of PINTAR Foundation members since 2008 and has adopted a total of 17 new schools nationwide.