PINTAR Programme - Overview

PINTAR – acronym for Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility – is a collaborative social responsibility initiative by PINTAR Foundation

Through its school adoption programme, PINTAR Foundation strives to foster academic and non-academic excellence particularly for the students in under-served communities nationwide by working in collaboration with GLCs, private corporations, partner NGOs and the government.

The PINTAR Programme (PINTAR) is premised on the mutual engagement between companies, the foundation and schools.

Through PINTAR, the stakeholders of the programme hope to inspire and motivate young Malaysians to excel in education and to groom them to become responsible, well-rounded individuals.

The involvement of the companies in PINTAR goes beyond ‘one-off’ financial contribution but instead they actively encourage their employees’ participation in the spirit of volunteerism to implement meaningful programmes and activities that would meet set objectives.

Various projects have been undertaken including engagement sessions with parents and school teachers, remedial and extra tuition classes for under performing students, exam clinics and workshops, motivation and team-building courses, counselling clinics and teachers’ and students’ skills development workshops. When planning programmes, members and PINTAR Foundation are guided by PINTAR’s four Core Modules which are Motivational & Teambuilding Programme; Educational Support Programme; Capability and Capacity Building; and Reducing Vulnerabilities and Social Issues.