PINTAR National Programmes

PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU)

The PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU) is a converted coach bus equipped with a range of learning tools that serve to provide valuable knowledge to PINTAR students in STEM and other popular topics.

Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders (LPPSL)

Leaders of PINTAR’s Adopted School Programme have the opportunity to reskill and upskill their capabilities and tackle emerging challenges to create ideal teaching and learning environments for teachers and students.

PINTAR-UTAR Mental Health Literacy Programme (PUMP)

As front-liners, teachers are most likely to identify psychological challenges faced by students in school. PUMP is a comprehensive programme partnering with mental health professionals to train teachers in their role to support student development.

PINTAR Financial Empowerment Programme

The PINTAR Financial Empowerment Programme is an initiative by PINTAR Foundation launched in 2019, to instill the importance of managing money, and positive financial behaviour in school-going children.

PINTAR-CGC100 Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

PINTAR Foundation teamed up with the Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) to curate and launch the PINTAR-CGC100 Youth Entrepreneurship (PINTAR-CGC100) programme, emphasising on developing new skills (up-skilling), empowering existing youth skills (re-skilling), and intersecting youth with other skills (cross-skilling) to bring their businesses to new heights.

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PINTAR-Student Leadership Programme

The PINTAR-TNB School Adoption Programme from 2017 to 2019 curated two main programmes namely, Core Module on Leadership Programme for Teachers (PCT) and Leadership Programme for students (TNB120) to develop leadership skills amongst teachers and students.

PINTAR Foundation’s 1 Kit for 1 Kid campaign

As the world comes back to rights post-pandemic, the team at PINTAR Foundation quickly realised that while most parents are preparing to return to work, and their children are eager to return to school – not all students are well-equipped to navigate the new norm. The 1 Kit for 1 Kid campaign comes with a full set of uniform along with other stationery and equipment to help them prepare for school.