PINTAR-CGC100 Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

Bringing out the true potential of budding Malaysian entrepreneurs

PINTAR Foundation teamed up with the Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) to curate and launch the PINTAR-CGC100 Youth Entrepreneurship (PINTAR-CGC100) programme emphasising on developing new skills (up-skilling), empowering existing youth skills (re-skilling), and intersecting youth with other skills (cross-skilling) to bring their businesses to new heights.

PINTAR-CGC100 is supported by the Ministry of Education, offering two types of programmes: 6-months fast track programme and 12-months comprehensive track for candidates between 18 to 24 years old from B40 communities, with TVET background or some experience with the gig economy.

The PINTAR-CGC100 Youth Entrepreneurship programme launched its inaugural session in October 2022 for 20 aspiring business owners, formulated to empower youths with soft skills and entrepreneurship training, PINTAR-CGC100 is geared towards enabling them to build feasible products and services to grow and sustain their chosen vocation, especially in today’s digital world.

The programme is structured and divided into three parts: Leading a Business, Seeking Opportunity, & Executing Business Project for participants to hone their skills and truly understand what it means to run a business effectively and successfully.

The PINTAR-CGC100 developed many aspiring young entrepreneurs instilling in them core values such as trustworthiness, competency, perseverance, accountability, a collaborative mindset, sustainability, and community focus. Once these youths complete the programme, they will be able to use their learned skills to identify as well as evaluate the viability of business opportunities and act upon them.

Additionally, they will have the chance to present their respective business ideas to CGC for possible financing. Financing promising ideas is one way PINTAR-CGC100 is helping elevate Malaysia’s SME ecosystem by building a community of dynamic business thinkers for the future.

Wrapping up the first PINTAR-CGC100 Youth Entrepreneurship Fast Track Programme saw many successes in the participants’ outcomes including seeing a healthy rise in estimated income and increased confidence in building their enterprise for long term success. The content delivered by renowned trainers and speakers also made a positive impact on programme participants’ entrepreneurship knowledge and skills, as well as their overall attributes.

Let’s empower the children of these underserved communities with quality education that paves the way for a brighter and better tomorrow.