PINTAR Student Leadership Programme

PINTAR-TNB cultivate leadership skills in teachers and students to navigate challenges

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) has been an active participant in PINTAR Foundation programmes since 2006, when the latter first launched the School Adoption Programme – progressively becoming a premium member in 2008, and since adopted 55 schools within the nation until 2019.

The PINTAR-TNB School Adoption programme from 2017 to 2019 curated two main programmes namely, Core Module on Leadership Programme for Teachers (PCT) and Leadership Programme for students (TNB120). The programme received positive responses from targeted marginalised schools, where TNB adopted 18 schools and saw a total of 75 participating teachers for PCT and 120 students for TNB120 in the three-year course.

PINTAR-TNB120 focuses on character building, leadership, communication, and soft skills to prepare primary school students for secondary school. The students spent time developing their confidence, positive attitudes, and how to regulate their emotions, how to study effectively. Students who successfully completed PINTAR-TNB120 were honoured with a graduation ceremony.

Following the programme’s early success, TNB continues its CSR efforts with PINTAR Foundation, having introduced a new umbrella line-up called the PINTAR-TNB Better-Brighter Programme for students and teachers in 2021, adopting another 11 schools within Peninsular Malaysia until 2023.

The leadership programme is split in two, dedicated for students and teachers called the TNB Student Leadership Programme and TNB Teachers Transformational Programme respectively. The three-year student leadership programme aims to help identify, nurture, and groom a pool of Year 4 students from PINTAR-TNB adopted schools to take the stage as leaders of the world.

The students initial programme commenced in 2022, where workshops and activities are designed to enhance their self-awareness, personal growth and management, leadership, and academic achievements. It will also include other aspects such as motivation, teamwork, and values; skills in presentation and communication; and generating interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). A total of 180 students were nominated to take part in this programme, of which 150 were selected to progress to the next leadership phase in 2023.

Recognising teachers’ requirements to improve their practice, PINTAR-TNB Teachers’ Leadership programme is also a three-year course to help educators expand their skills in effective leadership, teaching and learning processes at school, based on 21st century learning and teaching skills. Teachers often view their work as an opportunity not to just make an impact, but to give back to the community in ways that will change the lives of their students for generations.

In its second year of implementation, the professional development programme is on its way to maximise the output of positive students’ academic performance, eventually improving the overall school standing.

44 school leaders and teachers from 11 TNB adopted schools attended three workshops carried out throughout the year.

By the end of 2022, the teacher participants covered four key leadership areas in: instructional leadership, strategic leadership, operational leadership, and leading with technology, allowing school leaders to garner relevant learning outcomes to lead schools effectively, even in times of crisis and unexpected circumstances.

Let’s empower the children of these underserved communities with quality education that paves the way for a brighter and better tomorrow.